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Moonpig ‘After Hours’ Branding

Online greetings card company Moonpig needed branding ideas for an event they were inviting 30 ‘Moonpig Addicts’ to – an event they called ‘After Hours’. These ‘Addicts’ had been recruited over time via email as a way of amassing a crowd of loyal customers to test ideas and live products on. The event was intended to give these customers a special evening of sneak peeks and behind the scenes action as well as receiving their crucial first hand opinions on a wide range of matters. The brief was fun, yet sophisticated and exciting and additionally the company wanted to test either special colours or printing methods and so I put it to them that printing white on lovely black stock would be awesome!



I developed the format as a gatefold leaflet inviting the ‘addicts’ to take a sneak peek behind Moonpig’s closed doors! Digitally printing 2 colours onto black card gave the invites a special feel.



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