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Video work

Showreel 2016/17

A curated cross-section of my video projects over the last year, working as Online Video Producer/Art Director for Moonpig as well as a selection of freelance projects.

A few stills:




Lost Twin Music Video

Developing this stop motion animation concept and directing the video for Spanish musician Lost Twin’s new release was a lovely chance to do something different. Photography and editing by Tom Bolwell.



Sticky 9 Acquisition Video

Producing this video for small print on demand business Sticky 9 was a joy, collaborating with Udi and team to deliver a 30 second instagram spot to appeal to a 30 year old female audience. Working on the simple idea of memories as a journey with little animations overlaid made for a striking unfussy piece in line with the brand’s positioning.



Invitation Range Instagram Promo

I was taken on as a consultant to range-plan over 150 designs. Developing new lines and adapting existing bestsellers. Here’s a promo that I made for social media to promote the fact. Again practicing my animation skills.



Brain Machine Concept

I also had fun with a concept playing on the idea of a machine that inputs brain power and outputs work. All very much developed as my as a result of learning some simple animation.



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