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Stationer to the Stars

Working within the POD stationery industry one afternoon I had the idea to report on a famous couples’ life through a series of invitations and announcements as though I was acting as the couples’ official stationer or live graphic biographer.

This couple reportedly fell in love during the making of a film where they play husband and wife.

caroline-glover-portfolio-special-stationery-STDThe couple married after dating for 9 years and the bride wore a dress decorated with her childrens’ drawings.

caroline-glover-portfolio-special-stationery-thanksThe couple have adopted a total of 3 children from 3 different countries. And have 3 biological children.

caroline-glover-portfolio-special-stationery-adoptionThe couple’s first born announced that she wants to be referred to as ‘John’ shunning dolls and dresses – cutting her hair short and wearing a suit and tie like her brothers to her parents’ movie premieres.


The couple are reported as separated.

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